Green Products

recyled backsplash

What is Green at Cason?

Brick – up to 83% recycled content

Rainwater Barrels

Earthstone recycled granite – 100% recycled materials

Foxfire – Products meet LEED requirements and are VOC free

Instead of using petroleum-based fertilizers, we offer mushroom compost.

100% Organic mulch.

Garden Soxx – Portable modular planter system.  Ready to plant, organic, no fertilizer, weed free, disease free, reduced watering.

Our double-ground hardwood mulch or soil conditioner, tilled into topsoil, improves plant growth and success from 20-25%. (NC State statistic.)


Water conservation

Rain Barrellgreen-at-cason

Mulch is available as a double-ground hardwood or pine needles/straw.  Both reduce the need to water landscape plants.

Cason offers rain-water harvesting supplies from Aquascape and NDS.  We also carry drip irrigation supplies to further control water usage in the landscape.

Permeable paver options – hard paving options increase storm water run-off, often making drainage issues worse in the home or commercial landscape.  Cason offers:

Erosion Control

Cason offers the following products for erosion control applications: