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Check out the all new EverLoc™ Retaining Wall System! Whether beautifying a residential landscape, building an outdoor kitchen, or constructing a large structural wall, EverLoc™ has a product for you.

Retaining Wall

Two styles (Traditional or Full) and multiple sizes make EverLoc™ one of the most versatile segmental wall systems on the market today. EverLoc™ combines lightweight units with a user friendly lug-and-groove interlocking mechanism. Low labor costs and quick installation are just some of the reasons EverLoc™ is an installer favorite. Residential landscapes and commercial projects benefit from EverLoc’s ability to create multiple aesthetics. One style can be used alone or a combination of styles used together to achieve very different results. EverLoc’s dress features set it apart from other retaining wall systems.

Cason stocks the largest selection of architectural and residential brick in western North Carolina and in upstate South Carolina. Cason is proud to announce that it has merged operations with Carolina Mulch Plus ,and can now provide quality mulch blown in place.
CMPFor topdressing turf or installing lawns, the Express Blower is the most efficient way to uniformly spread a fine layer of compost, or to apply soil mixes injected with seed or other soil enhancements.  Our supplemental injection system allows us to inject any number of granular soil enhancers or week inhibitors while we are blowing. 

Covering parks and playgrounds with safety chips is fast and efficient.  There’s no need to disrupt activity or cause inconvenience.  Our blower hoses can access areas where use of heavy equipment is prohibitive.

Our run-off treatment, steep slope restoration, and other erosion control measures meet or exceed federal standards.

We proudly represent Boral, Cherokee Brick & Tile, Carolina Ceramics, Cunningham, Hanson, Lawrenceville, Lee, New London, Old Carolina, Old Virginia, Palmetto, Pine Hall, Statesville, Taylor Clay, Triangle, and Whitacre-Greer.

Let us spread your landscape materials for you with our Express Blower service!  It’s efficient and cost effective.  When you consider wasted time in spreading manually, you will never push another wheelbarrow again.